Newsletter 2015-1

Radar solutions for industrial applications

Boost Innovation 3.0

A united jury chose the winner of Boost Innovation 3.0 based on the criteria of potential, level of innovation and implementation. The winner Radarbolaget had the challenge with the greatest potential along with the best solution, which was inherit from Gävle University and Professor Daniel Rönnow. The solution is based on the design of antennas and antenna housing in metamaterials, which can create advantageous structural dielectric features, which are not possible with standard physical materials. Wanted properties of Radarbolaget’s sensors are to make objects invisible to the radar at certain wavelengths, so-called stealth technology. By doing so, the radar will work more robust in many industrial environments. Information.

OPTIR – project halfway

The project aims to optimize energy consumption of heating furnaces with radar technology. It is performed by measureing the expansion of steel slabs in the furnace in order to directly determine the temperature of slabs, billets or blooms. These data can be used to optimize manufacturing regulations and furnace control.

Exhibition 1-2 October

In cooperation with Triple Steelix, Radarbolaget had a booth at the regional business fair Företagarforum 2015. During the fair, we presented expansion measurement on slabs behind walls for temperature estimation, similar to the measurements in the OPTIR project.

Företagarforum 2015.

SNABB – at a glance

There are 580 district heating networks and 125 larger biomass power plants in Sweden. Moisture content of biofuel can be measured directly, quickly and reliably, and thereby determined with a radar system in seconds. Measurement can be carried out for an entire load and by that retrieving a representative average value. Faster and more reliable moisture measurement leads to more efficient logistics and fuel management. Information.


Projects are financed by Energimyndigheten



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